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In conversation with "Jack" (not his real name due to some of areas touched upon in this chat). "Jack" is a real person and works as a Music Producer and Film composer for major international projects.  "Jack" says he is "fundamentally interested in propagating social evolution." This conversation was sparked by the question around what makes people choose to read blogs so I could learn how I could get people reading mine. Q.  What makes you read blogs? Jack: Most of the things I Read more [...]
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Don’t Mention the M Word!

While prepping for my digital engagement planning workshop for a pilot project involving a number of museums one of the organisers said: “Don’t mention the M word".  The belief was if I did discuss "marketing" some people would close their ears and just think ‘that’s not my job, that’s what we have a marketing manager for.” When it comes to marketing experts, there seems to be two camps.  On the one hand, there are those who advise and tell you how to do it (summoned from their own Read more [...]