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In conversation with “Jack” (not his real name due to some of areas touched upon in this chat).

“Jack” is a real person and works as a Music Producer and Film composer for major international projects.  ”Jack” says he is ”fundamentally interested in propagating social evolution.”

This conversation was sparked by the question around what makes people choose to read blogs so I could learn how I could get people reading mine.

Q.  What makes you read blogs?

Jack: Most of the things I read and  like are short practical guides, for example:

Five steps to optimise cost per install of facebook mobile ads then the whole article is 5 short bullets etc.

While its good to have a deeper understanding of the principles, which are non specific I guess its easier to achieve readership with short practical steps etc.

I mean.. learning about how to target ads, makes me realise how much of the behaviour in the world, is based on subconscious base animalistic instincts and not anything civilised or sophisticated we are sheep you know!

Q. When you look for your top tips or short practical guides. What makes you choose to read the articles you read ?

Jack: Clarity of how to achieve measurable results which is rare but in the FB world (something I’m looking into right now) its kind of less rare as you can see the performance etc.

For me, the length of time I need to spend reading is important, basically I’m not interested in reading .. I’m interested in results.

So my preferred articles are as succinct as possible and only language which conveys a point which has a practical outcome but..

I’m in a unusual situation with my current research, I’m learning the basics of a very complex and hidden art the intricacies of FB ads and communities which people kind of don’t share their tricks about because they build consultancies around those tricks once you know all those tricks I might be more interested in higher level more strategic long form articles.

But I think the world I’m delving into is really underground and hacky most of them are crazy blog posts from individuals who are hacking facebook ad growth.

Q.  Do you go back to the same blogs because you trust them?

Um, if I found a blog which was offering those tips on a daily basis, definitely but most of the posts I see are from people who spend all their time doing it, and then do a post randomly to reveal some secrets they found, eg

Jack: I’ve never been back here for anything else – I found it via google.

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