Digital Music Innovation – Live Skype Interview with Robert Thomas – Chief Creative Officer at RjDj

At the heart of the areas I am lecturing is a desire to help learners understand the skills they need to allow them to begin their career.  This is different to the mainstream, results-driven education system, which in my view shows learners what they need to know for an exam or assessment. I see both ends of this mainstream education system as I am also an employer looking for people with the right skills and the ability to think for themselves in order to adapt to a changing technological business Read more [...]

Keeping it real – becoming an Anna Perra model

It began with: “Claire would you do some modelling for Anna Perra?” Me?  Deep breath, suck in teeth and ponder. Is this a Kate Moss moment (20 years and two sizes too late), where you are stopped in a city centre, handed a business card, which states: "top modelling agency" and then you hear the words: "Ever considered being a model, give me a call?" Then bang into fame accompanied by a pop star boyfriend on your arm. Nope, this was a friend of a friend who wanted some “real women” Read more [...]