“How can music be used to influence people’s memory of image and branding?”

One of my students @BIMMBristol asked for my opinion about music being used with brands for their research project.  It got me thinking and here is what I said. Q: In your opinion what is the most successful example of using music in an advert and why? It’s a difficult question to answer as music is used in many different ways and from many different angles. Rather than picking a "best" I'll pick two of the best examples of different types. 1: The brand ident: This is where a company Read more [...]

Making Musical Connections – Stephen Emmer’s ‘International Blue’ showcase at Abbey Road Studios

It's not what you know, it's who you know?  Well it's handy that a facebook friend (and real life friend) of mine is head of press for a leading music PR agency and this led to an invitation to a very special showcase event at Abbey Road yesterday. "Who you know" was also a theme of this  showcase, which featured: Stephen Emmer, Tony Visconti, Midge Ure, Glenn Gregory, Liam Mckhaey, Neil Crossley and Michael Dempsey as they presented their new collaborative album - 'International Blue'. Read more [...]