Review Carmina Burana, Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra, Colston Hall November 15th

A dichotomy, perhaps - on the one hand I strongly believe we can make whatever we want happen in our lives if we have an unfaltering belief in our ability to shape our future with a certain mind-set, while on the other hand I am aware of the fickleness of fate, as news reaches me this week of a friend’s sudden life altering illness. It’s been a week of unexpected events crashing in my world, leading to a last minute dash to the Colston Hall  to see Carmina Burana performed by Bristol Metropolitan Read more [...]

Size matters

At the age of 43 I have established a new relationship. This is not a relationship with another person, it is with myself. Now, before you think that I am going to launch into Whitney’s Greatest Love of All – just rip that needle off the record, I will explain. I have never felt better about myself. This is in part down to a journey I have taken down a catwalk, an experience that is giving me a different perspective. This morning I was flicking through the latest Next catalogue that Read more [...]

Street writing – coming out of the creative writing wilderness

It’s been more than 20 years since I last produced any form of creative writing. Life takes us down different paths to what we envisage for ourselves; our talents, our creativity, often lend themselves to other areas of our lives and manifest in the things we do. I had mixed feelings when I learnt as an adult that I was dyslexic. In some ways it was a positive revelation. It explained why I had had difficulty with grasping words to express myself in the written form. Knowing did enable Read more [...]