A Dark Night Out – Review of Nightflyer by Martin Malcolm

In his play Nightflyer Martin Malcolm has given young people a voice – yet it isn’t pretty, it is remarkable. The setting is a typical end of week night out – could be any town or city centre really – this one is Bristol’s city centre.

So what should these teen-adults do when one of their mates has collapsed, is fitting, unable to stand and get the night bus home?

As they hopelessly try to solve their problem, there is an edgy tension created by a body lying on the ground unconscious, vomiting and babbling a dark secret.  It is during these moments that the ensemble of actors reveal some rather unexpected complexities to each of their characters.

This brilliant play is being staged: May 27th Burdalls Yard, Bath;May 28th the egg, Bath: July 27th Tristan Bates, London.

Expect to hear more of Martin Malcolm as his reputation will surely grow to great heights.

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