Breaking into the Creative Industry – with a helping hand

Get Creative Careers aims to help young people access the creative industries via insider knowledge and video.

Rob Jones  - who is the driving force behind Get Creative Careers -  worked with me during Shepton Digital Arts Festivals.  Shepton Digi Fest also aimed to create links and opportunities between new talent and the Creative Industries.

Rob has created a number of short films with creative industry people, including Aardman Animations.

I was asked to talk about marketing – to give a first look at what marketing is and how a young person might like to approach finding out more about embarking on a marketing career.

You can view the film below.

Marketing a first look

Marketing a first look








My video was shown to a class of 12 and 13 year olds and this is what they said:

“I thought marketing was about making adverts.”

“She makes it sound quite cool.”

“My mum does marketing but this sounds more interesting than what she does.”


One thought on “Breaking into the Creative Industry – with a helping hand”

  1. A while ago, I was trawling through blog posts when a spark of creativity caught my eye: ‘Going down like a Storm’ was its title. The content was so vividly descriptive and entertaining I was reeled in and beached, so much so, that I had to add a comment. In the course of expanding my museum skills I met Claire in Taunton Heritage Centre and to my amazement she revealed ‘Don’t mention the M word’ was actually her work! Claire’s skill in marketing shone through her blog and, in my opinion, she should not have any problem in explaining to a young audience of how the skill of Marketing, so expressively explained in her U-Tube presentation ‘A first look’, can help them carve out an international career similar to Claire’s.

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