After the story ends – a review of Tree House, Strode Theatre Studio, November 16th by Claire de Sully

"After Cathy" - Radio 4's documentary on homelessness - followed a year in the life of three people who find themselves down-at-heel. We hear stories about a primary school teacher, with her two young children, forced into emergency housing, a businessman (who once worked alongside Richard Branson), and a folk-singer struggling with alcoholism. It's easy to be drawn into these real-life encounters, this is audio documentary at its most powerful, words hang as true life stories are spliced together. Read more [...]
Westfield sunset

A Letter to Dad

Dad The stag returned, this time he brought his season’s companion, he looked towards where you lay (during your last days), then startled by us noticing, he turned away, vanishing behind hedgerows. From your window’s view rabbits seemed subdued, munching under-growth. Under clear glass skies, shafts of light cut through resting upon Westfield. “The good man is the friend of all living things”, you were tuned to nature’s beat.  We grew up around your open heart, an owl under your Read more [...]