Claire Sully Running Story

Running through grief and matters of the heart

My running story begins in January 2017, when I wasn’t well.  Being unwell was only apparent to those close to me.   I still functioned: on the outside I appeared to be me, my professional self, my social self. Inside I was broken.  My father had died only weeks earlier, while a long-term close friendship had fractured, enflamed with all-consuming hurt.  It felt like the foundations beneath me had shifted, like tectonic plates, along fault lines.  I fell apart, reeling from an emotional Read more [...]

Getting ready to speak up, just not about weight!

I’m getting ready for my talk at WriteUp! SpeakUp! at this year’s Wells Festival of Literature.  I will be speaking about my experiences of running. Not running per se, more around the extraordinary mind shift that being physically active can produce. Often people are drawn to exercise because they wish to lose weight, rather than solely seeking a positive mental effect – which is the angle I'm coming from.  I’ve experienced a different correlation between exercising, body shape and the Read more [...]