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“Living in an inspiring Somerset landscape infused with creative communities in and around Glastonbury, Wells, Shepton Mallet and Frome has meant that I thrive on working with people who have a vision and want to make a difference in the world.  

I can see no reason why in our professions, we can’t be as creative as if we were all artists, believing in an idea, sharing our ideas and working creatively with others to make our ideas become something quite extraordinary.”  Claire Sully

Claire  is co-owner of Tickbox Marketing (based in Bristol) who work with charities, arts and museums.   She is currently running the biggest Volunteer Engagement programme in the Country for Arts Council England called Volunteer Makers.    This is a programme of training and technology aimed at the museums initially and is hoped this work develop into other areas such as sport volunteering and health.

About this blog:

When planning a number of workshops for a network of creative organisations, one of  the organisers told me:

“Don’t mention the M word, if  you do the rest of the team will close their ears and just think ‘that’s not my job, that’s what we have a marketing manager for.”

M stood for Marketing and it’s clear the word itself causes confusion and can at times be a barrier.

Being asked not to mention “marketing” to a group that clearly needed to recognize that  marketing (and their role in delivering it), was vital to their success,  I found liberating and allowed me to step out of the (marketing) box and into creative and strategic thinking.

Don’t Mention the M Word– the blog – will hopefully help you step out of the marketing box too and succeed with your creative ideas and business.

Read my first post which explains what led to Don’t Mention the M Word musings.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. I live in Cheltenham and work in Cardiff for the NHS delivering the Healthy Working Wales Programmes. I recognise what you say that ‘marketing lives and breaths in all areas of a business, it’s not in a box for someone to open up every now and again as an afterthought’. I would like to raise the profile of what we are doing to support workplace wellbeing and having a ‘marketing budget’ would be great, but in essence we are our own living and breathing marketing budget. The NHS have awareness activity running throughout the organisation called ‘Making every contact count’ which speaks for itself, but in essence, its about always talking up health and encourging health improvement at every opportunity and not just when we are in a specific role or place. I will use what youve shared at our next team meeting. Thanks again. Susan

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