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Brands, Bands and Digital Reach – Interview with Richard Kirstein by @clairedesully

Music Industry stalwart Richard Kirstein  had a background in music performance with single releases, UK tours, TV appearances, Radio 1 air play before stepping into the world of music rights and licensing. Richard works with some of the biggest brands in the world from fashion, drinks and automotive industries helping them to license music for their campaigns. Richard came into my @BIMMBristol lecture via the power of Skype video this week and allowed me and my students to grill him.  Life Read more [...]

Digital Music Innovation – Live Skype Interview with Robert Thomas – Chief Creative Officer at RjDj

At the heart of the areas I am lecturing is a desire to help learners understand the skills they need to allow them to begin their career.  This is different to the mainstream, results-driven education system, which in my view shows learners what they need to know for an exam or assessment. I see both ends of this mainstream education system as I am also an employer looking for people with the right skills and the ability to think for themselves in order to adapt to a changing technological business Read more [...]

Keeping it real – becoming an Anna Perra model

It began with: “Claire would you do some modelling for Anna Perra?” Me?  Deep breath, suck in teeth and ponder. Is this a Kate Moss moment (20 years and two sizes too late), where you are stopped in a city centre, handed a business card, which states: "top modelling agency" and then you hear the words: "Ever considered being a model, give me a call?" Then bang into fame accompanied by a pop star boyfriend on your arm. Nope, this was a friend of a friend who wanted some “real women” Read more [...]

We’re the Kids from the Eighties! Kim Wilde Christmas Bristol 02 Party – a review by Claire de Sully

Who could resist a chance to go to Kim Wilde’s Christmas Party?   In my office asking those under 25 years I did get a blank expression when I excitedly said I’m on Kim Wilde’s guest list.  I got a better response when I started singing: Looking out a dirty old window … or maybe they were just being nice? Kim Wilde is a generation thing and I am a kid who grew up in the 1980s when she burst forth  in 1981 with her worldwide smash hit 'Kids In America'.  Yes Kim Wilde, with one of the Read more [...]

Why I didn’t sack my apprentice

Before I begin my story, let me lay my cards on the table.   This will help the reader understand the context and perspective that lies behind my tale. I run a digital marketing and web business and so I employ people. I am also a regular guest lecturer for @SkillsetSSC, Cirencester College and a prestigious music college (@BIMMBristol). I teach apprentices digital marketing and I’m in a fortunate position to be one of the first lecturers to teach higher level apprentices.  I get to talk Read more [...]

The Art of Just Dropping By..

Whilst out driving I happened to pass the house my auntie had lived during her adult life.  At that moment I wished I could simply drop by for a cup of tea with her.   She had died several years before and someone else now lived in her house, which she and my uncle had built.  I  wished I had dropped in on her more often when she was living there, when of course I could do just that. How many of us do drop by to see our friends or family in the moment?  If someone, without prior warning, Read more [...]

Helping museums to create a fully digital experience

Supporting the South West Museum Development Partnership and funded by Arts Council England, my digital museum training and support (for Tickbox Marketing) helped four South West museums to plan and develop effective digital engagement. This innovative pilot project, based on the Digital Museum framework developed by Tickbox with the South West Museum Development Partnership, supports museums in understanding the need for digital engagement at all levels - giving staff the knowledge and support Read more [...]

Ideas Corner is short conversations with friends on the fly (on social media) captured and shared …

In conversation with "Jack" (not his real name due to some of areas touched upon in this chat). "Jack" is a real person and works as a Music Producer and Film composer for major international projects.  "Jack" says he is "fundamentally interested in propagating social evolution." This conversation was sparked by the question around what makes people choose to read blogs so I could learn how I could get people reading mine. Q.  What makes you read blogs? Jack: Most of the things I Read more [...]
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Don’t Mention the M Word!

While prepping for my digital engagement planning workshop for a pilot project involving a number of museums one of the organisers said: “Don’t mention the M word".  The belief was if I did discuss "marketing" some people would close their ears and just think ‘that’s not my job, that’s what we have a marketing manager for.” When it comes to marketing experts, there seems to be two camps.  On the one hand, there are those who advise and tell you how to do it (summoned from their own Read more [...]

Guest Student Blog: The Importance of Identifying and Understanding Target Audience for Marketing – By HLA student Jamie Mead

Edexcel BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Marketing Communications is the very first higher-level apprenticeship qualification in digital marketing .  I am working with Cirencester College and Creative Skillset in delivering it to key South West employers. This is a professional work-related qualification in a range of sectors and involves learning “using information about real or case study clients” that is “covered in the workplace” or using industry professionals as a guest speaker. My student Read more [...]