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The future of giving – a good business decision?

In a recent workshop we ran: The Future of Giving - Connecting with the Generous Generation, we explored  - with charities and "boomers" in attendance - how demographics is set to have a huge impact on the future of giving. This is because a computer-literate older generation of “baby-boomers” are increasingly making decisions on philanthropic support based on online engagement.  This is more than giving money though: There is a shift in how donors wish to be involved when they give. If Read more [...]

Luton’s world-wide smile is a digital museum engagement coup

“Smile and the world will smile with you” so the saying goes and a principle that Luton Culture put behind their Museum Makers project: Pharrell Williams - Happy (we are from Luton) video. “Luton often gets a lot of negative press and something that our Museum Makers often write on our ideas box wall is that they want to see more positivity in the town."  So says Jemma Murphy, who is one of a very small number of people who conceived, delivered and facilitates Museum Makers for Luton Read more [...]