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The future of giving – a good business decision?

In a recent workshop we ran: The Future of Giving - Connecting with the Generous Generation, we explored  - with charities and "boomers" in attendance - how demographics is set to have a huge impact on the future of giving. This is because a computer-literate older generation of “baby-boomers” are increasingly making decisions on philanthropic support based on online engagement.  This is more than giving money though: There is a shift in how donors wish to be involved when they give. If Read more [...]

Frome – sowing seeds and seeing transformation in a Somerset Town

In 2008 myself and my business partner John Brunsdon were asked to present ideas about place marketing to the Catherine Hill Traders - who were a group of business owners based on and around Catherine Hill, in Frome. During our workshop and discussion with a small group of individuals we covered: Why you need Place Marketing How to approach developing a place brand - starting with a vision based on reality What is Frome's vision How to spread the word and make it happen (including Read more [...]

Breaking into the Creative Industry – with a helping hand

Get Creative Careers aims to help young people access the creative industries via insider knowledge and video. Rob Jones  - who is the driving force behind Get Creative Careers -  worked with me during Shepton Digital Arts Festivals.  Shepton Digi Fest also aimed to create links and opportunities between new talent and the Creative Industries. Rob has created a number of short films with creative industry people, including Aardman Animations. I was asked to talk about marketing – Read more [...]

Brands, Bands and Digital Reach – Interview with Richard Kirstein by @clairedesully

Music Industry stalwart Richard Kirstein  had a background in music performance with single releases, UK tours, TV appearances, Radio 1 air play before stepping into the world of music rights and licensing. Richard works with some of the biggest brands in the world from fashion, drinks and automotive industries helping them to license music for their campaigns. Richard came into my @BIMMBristol lecture via the power of Skype video this week and allowed me and my students to grill him.  Life Read more [...]

Digital Music Innovation – Live Skype Interview with Robert Thomas – Chief Creative Officer at RjDj

At the heart of the areas I am lecturing is a desire to help learners understand the skills they need to allow them to begin their career.  This is different to the mainstream, results-driven education system, which in my view shows learners what they need to know for an exam or assessment. I see both ends of this mainstream education system as I am also an employer looking for people with the right skills and the ability to think for themselves in order to adapt to a changing technological business Read more [...]

The Art of Just Dropping By..

Whilst out driving I happened to pass the house my auntie had lived during her adult life.  At that moment I wished I could simply drop by for a cup of tea with her.   She had died several years before and someone else now lived in her house, which she and my uncle had built.  I  wished I had dropped in on her more often when she was living there, when of course I could do just that. How many of us do drop by to see our friends or family in the moment?  If someone, without prior warning, Read more [...]