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Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra’s descent into the madness of Symphonie Fantastique – review

I went for Ravel (and it met all expectations), but it's Berlioz's insane Symphonie Fantastique that has blown me away.  This piece is a descent into hopeless and insane unrequited love ending with not only the composer's imagined death, but his afterlife in hell surrounded by hideous witches - representing the object of his desire presumably or desire itself. It was part written when the composer was on drugs which might explain a lot. You have to see an Orchestra play this live to really Read more [...]

Review Carmina Burana, Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra, Colston Hall November 15th

A dichotomy, perhaps - on the one hand I strongly believe we can make whatever we want happen in our lives if we have an unfaltering belief in our ability to shape our future with a certain mind-set, while on the other hand I am aware of the fickleness of fate, as news reaches me this week of a friend’s sudden life altering illness. It’s been a week of unexpected events crashing in my world, leading to a last minute dash to the Colston Hall  to see Carmina Burana performed by Bristol Metropolitan Read more [...]

Going Down Like a Storm – review of Britten’s Noye’s Fludde, presented by Charles Hazlewood with Kneehigh theatre company.

Reivew by @ClairedeSully.  Orchestival, July 19th, 2014, Bath and West Showground, Somerset. It begins with a few thousand of us gathered in an oversized cowshed, still with the whiff of its former inhabitants, not sure what to expect. Entering this not-run-of-the-mill music venue in a drizzle of rain and ominous skies, we were here for Charles Hazelwood's performance of Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde.  This was part of  (in fact the only event to be staged) of the reduced Orchestival, Read more [...]

Guest Album Review – International Blue, Stephen Emmer

A timeless collection by Andy Sully "Call the tune/Will you swoon?/As I croon" sang Bryan Ferry in Roxy Music's Serenade. But pop crooning is slightly lost amid the urban clatter of  today's musical landscape. It's twin heydays in the post rock n'roll era were the Walker Brothers moodiness of the mid-60s and the sharp-suited shining pop of the early 80s. Those are the two touchstones for Dutch musician Stephen Emmer on his new album International Blue, which boldly sets out its stall Read more [...]

Making Musical Connections – Stephen Emmer’s ‘International Blue’ showcase at Abbey Road Studios

It's not what you know, it's who you know?  Well it's handy that a facebook friend (and real life friend) of mine is head of press for a leading music PR agency and this led to an invitation to a very special showcase event at Abbey Road yesterday. "Who you know" was also a theme of this  showcase, which featured: Stephen Emmer, Tony Visconti, Midge Ure, Glenn Gregory, Liam Mckhaey, Neil Crossley and Michael Dempsey as they presented their new collaborative album - 'International Blue'. Read more [...]

Dave Allen: The talking head who took on a Talking Head explains why musicians must adapt or digitally die at a venue near you.

For me it began with a Guardian online article which was creating quite a buzz amongst colleagues at the music college I regularly guest lecture at.  Because it was about my subject, digital marketing and the music industry, I was compelled to join in the conversation with colleagues and on the Guardian forum. The two leading protagonists in this story were Dave Allen and David Byrne.  Their debate jostled around the future of the music industry following the impact of digital.  I casually Read more [...]

We’re the Kids from the Eighties! Kim Wilde Christmas Bristol 02 Party – a review by Claire de Sully

Who could resist a chance to go to Kim Wilde’s Christmas Party?   In my office asking those under 25 years I did get a blank expression when I excitedly said I’m on Kim Wilde’s guest list.  I got a better response when I started singing: Looking out a dirty old window … or maybe they were just being nice? Kim Wilde is a generation thing and I am a kid who grew up in the 1980s when she burst forth  in 1981 with her worldwide smash hit 'Kids In America'.  Yes Kim Wilde, with one of the Read more [...]