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Size matters

At the age of 43 I have established a new relationship. This is not a relationship with another person, it is with myself. Now, before you think that I am going to launch into Whitney’s Greatest Love of All – just rip that needle off the record, I will explain. I have never felt better about myself. This is in part down to a journey I have taken down a catwalk, an experience that is giving me a different perspective. This morning I was flicking through the latest Next catalogue that Read more [...]

A Real Age Old Problem – Review of Anna Perra’s “Real Women Fashion Show”, Charlton House, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. October 2nd.

A lifetime of poor posture, weight battles, accompanied by a lack of confidence - partly due to being surrounded by constant media reminders of how I should look and don’t - still means that walking down a catwalk is a battle against insecurity for me. Looking at the positives, what does come with getting older is the realisation that it is impossible to be an ideal woman because she doesn’t exist. Now I am a maturer woman, I am reminded that age is a signifier. So many interviews with Read more [...]

Keeping it real – becoming an Anna Perra model

It began with: “Claire would you do some modelling for Anna Perra?” Me?  Deep breath, suck in teeth and ponder. Is this a Kate Moss moment (20 years and two sizes too late), where you are stopped in a city centre, handed a business card, which states: "top modelling agency" and then you hear the words: "Ever considered being a model, give me a call?" Then bang into fame accompanied by a pop star boyfriend on your arm. Nope, this was a friend of a friend who wanted some “real women” Read more [...]