Trouble in paradise — a problem for the “most beautiful beach on earth”. Drifters, written by Martin Malcolm, The Bike Shed Theatre, Review by Claire de Sully.

It is not often that I am short of words or unable to give an opinion. After watching Drifters, staged at the Bike Shed Theatre, I was dumbstruck as I turned to my companion with only a polite awkward smile as my saving grace. This was because the performance I had seen, just a short play, had made me feel so damn guilty to the point where I did not want to think about it, let alone express it. What I had seen, learnt, discovered, I felt responsible for. My companion was the writer of the piece, Read more [...]

Review: Immaculate community theatre and popular TV culture history lesson served with dinner in Bristol’s alternative “West End”, by Claire Sully

I had an unexpected treat last night.  My friend Annie took me to see:  "Fanny and Johnnie Cradock Cook the Great American Songbook" at the Hen and Chicken, Southville. Annie’s friend is theatre producer Sheila Hannon.  I met Sheila at the entrance of the venue – she was unassuming as she sat there checking people in.  Although she had no idea who I was when she met me (and I had no idea who she was at that point)  she took my hand in both of hers, stood up, and gave me the warmest greeting, Read more [...]

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